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A Tale of Paper: Refolded | PC Review

A Tale of Paper: Refolded, developed by Open House Games and published by Digerati is a platform puzzle game, and it is currently available on Windows PC and Xbox. For my review I was playing the Windows PC version with a review key very kindly supplied by the publisher.


You begin the game as a mere piece of paper. A blank canvas that can become anything with the right eye. This canvas in particular becomes a little origami character who has to go on a journey that's full of intrigue. It appears that you're trying to escape a house, which doesn’t sound like much of an adventure, but when you're a little paper person, things certainly become a little more challenging. Throughout the game you’ll face challenges that you can’t quite solve and will later discover new abilities that you’ll need to progress and solve those puzzles.


A Tale of Paper: Refolded definitely took inspiration from other popular games within the platforming genre. Upon loading into the game, I instantly got flashbacks to my time playing Little Nightmares in terms of what the game asks of you puzzle-wise. There aren’t really any horror elements except one section with a rather large spider; so to anyone with a disliking for creepy crawlies - consider this a warning. The puzzles aren’t overly taxing and can be figured out with a little bit of exploration of an area, so there’s nothing that will totally bamboozle your average player, and instead you’ll be able to enjoy the cute aesthetic laid out for you as the art style is also lovely throughout with each area having a unique feel to it.


My favourite mechanic throughout was the ability to change form from a regular person into a plane or into a mere scrunched up ball of paper. Each of these different forms all have their uses and will prove essential in solving the puzzles that you face. Everything worked pretty smoothly mechanically and didn’t pose me any issues, only my own platforming ability was holding me back.


A Tale of Paper: Refolded isn’t a terribly long game and only took me a few hours to complete the main story, however you then can move onto another journey with a new character that takes you to new places and reveals new abilities for you to use. I was slightly confused initially by this; but once I got moving on the second adventure, I also fell in love with it. Again, it had a completely different aesthetic to the “base” game, but still continued to build on the concepts that were introduced originally.


Overall, I had a really lovely time in A Tale of Paper: Refolded. I felt comforted by already feeling that sense of familiarity due to its similarity to other platformers, but it really stood on its own two feet as a wonderful game. If you were a fan of Little Nightmares, Inside, Limbo or Unravel you should really consider A Tale of Paper: Refolded. My main criticism for it is that it's just a little bit too short, and I feel the story could have unfolded a little more for us all, but that's a small criticism in my book.

Lj’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


For more information on A Tale of Paper: Refolded please use the following links...

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Many thanks to Digerati for the Review Key.

A Tale of Paper: Refolded | Windows PC | Xbox


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