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Bryde | Fierce And Fragile Ethereal Indie-Rock

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

I discovered Sarah Howells many years ago, way back before her solo Bryde project. I think it was in or around 2010, Sarah was in the band Paper Aeroplanes and she followed me over on Twitter - I guess you could say Sarah discovered me really - and I decided to check out their music, and the rest as they say is history. The first track/video that I watched/listened to was Pick Me, which is included in the live music video section below. Over the years I have seen both Paper Aeroplanes and Bryde live at various Glasgow venues. I think I have been to more PA gigs than Bryde ones and I was sad to miss out on the ticket ballot for the live Quay Sessions gig in Glasgow a few years ago. A video from the Quay Sessions is included below.

Bryde (aka Sarah Howells) is a Pembrokeshire-born, London-based singer-songwriter, record company founder, and was previously one half of Welsh indie-folk band Paper Aeroplanes. In 2016, Sarah began a new solo project under the name Bryde, and has since released 3 EP's as well as 3 full length albums. Bryde's music has been featured on both BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio Wales and she has toured the UK and US, as well as a 29 date European Tour in 2018. Sarah is also a keen photographer and some of her photos can be found both over on her website and also via her social media sites, all of which are linked in the details below. Information about Sarah's record label, Seahorse Music, is also included in a section below.


Here is a selection of Bryde's official music videos starting with the most recent and then going back through to some of the earlier ones. There are seven here, but please do feel free to check out other videos over on Bryde's YouTube channel and also, if you enjoy the music, please do give the YouTube channel and all the other socials a follow and support independent musicians, especially now more than ever. Every little click and follow will help.


Here are also a selection of live videos and session videos below, again covering some of the EP's and the Albums. The second video down is from the Quay Sessions in Glasgow, which I mentioned in the opening paragraph. I have also included Pick Me below - it is the final video here and was the very first video and song of Sarah's that I experienced way back in 2010 when she was in Paper Aeroplanes. I would advise you to check out Paper Aeroplanes.


Sarah created and manages Seahorse Music, which is an independent record label as well as offering artist mentoring, consulting and social media management. Currently on the roster at Seahorse you can find Bryde, Me For Queen, VARLEY, KYOTI, Magpie Blue, Little Rêd, Rookes and Mere Child, all of whom are definitely worth checking out when you do get the chance. There are some links here for more information and the socials for Seahorse Music:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Bandcamp | Website


There are links featured below for Bryde's website and to all the social media sites, Spotify, Soundcloud, as well as YouTube and Patreon. Thank you for reading this blog post and as always, please if you are able to, support Independent Musicians in any way you can. Your support, no matter how little it might seem, makes such a huge difference. Stream, buy, watch, follow, and subscribe.


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Here is the new Bryde album called Still...


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