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Carrion | PS4 Review

Carrion, developed by Phobia Game Studio and published by Devolver Digital is a horror game with a twist - instead of being hunted, scared and alone - you're the hunter. Carrion is currently available on Windows PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, and for the purpose of my review I was playing the PlayStation 4 version.


Carrion is an interesting concept from the offset in the sense that instead of being the lost, scared, and confused protagonist, you are the monster, stalking and consuming the innocent prey that you imprison and infest with fear and panic. Your key objective in Carrion is to move from area to area, seeking to escape the facility. Along the way you’ll have the choice to leave the innocent workers alive and just put them aside and pass by without killing them. Quite frankly, I went on a crazy insane rampage and left no one alive. Carrion plays a lot like a metroidvania in terms of the level design which was a nice refreshing change for me in terms of horror games and isn’t something I’ve seen done in recent times. It mostly worked for me, and I mostly enjoyed it although I will say that outside of puzzles and the crazy combat, I did find some of the exploration portions a little bit tedious. However, Carrion isn’t terribly long so thankfully despite this feeling it never managed to outstay its welcome and didn’t have countless hours of copy and paste gameplay just to make it longer.


The combat is where this game shines for me the most. The movement really is excellent and incredibly simple all at the same time. You move with the left thumbstick and you use the right thumbstick to control your many tentacles and grab things (mostly people). Despite its simplicity, the movement really was nice and fluid and felt enjoyable and responsive throughout and that fun only continued for me as I gained the new abilities throughout the game.


As previously mentioned, I did find some of the exploration aspects to feel quite tedious and it did become quite apparent that these things shouldn’t really have taken as long as they did; however these moments of downtime were mostly outweighed by the fun combat and the puzzles provided good ways to use the abilities that you’ve gained throughout your exploration so in that sense the exploration feels like it has a purpose. As you progress through the game it’ll not just be your character evolving - the enemies will start off as floundering scientists with little threat to offer and eventually they gain new abilities and weaponry, and these different threats will require a different approach, so the combat really remains quite fresh throughout.


Carrion was largely positive and enjoyable. There were some areas of exploration that felt too slow for my liking, but the rest of the experience was an entertaining few hours. It won’t consume too much of your time even if you're collecting everything. I imagine that you could complete the game in just an afternoon's gaming. The metroidvania style was something that I didn’t expect, and it was a pleasant change to be the monster rather than the victim.

Lj’s Rating: 3.5 nervous scientists out of 5.


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Many thanks to Indigo Pearl for the Review Key.

Carrion | Windows PC | PlayStation | Xbox | Nintendo


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