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Cinematic Storytelling Music Videos

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

This blog post is all about Cinematic and Storytelling Music Videos. I have chosen 7 videos that I enjoy both the music and the visuals for, so please read on and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If you do like them, please give the artists a follow or sub over on YouTube.

Baby Taylah - Home

Not just because it's filmed in Scotland with the stunning backdrop of Glencoe on view but I just really like this video. The song is about loss and grief and the setting for the video is to show the solitude and loneliness of that. This is Baby Taylah's second single release and it is taken from her debut EP titled 'Good Enough' and it is available at all the usual places now.

Ellysse Mason - Hunt Me Down

I only discovered Ellysse Mason a few months ago and this track and video has become one of my favourites of the year even though it is 2 years old now. I have long been a fan of really good cinematic storytelling music videos and this certainly falls into that catagory. 'Hunt Me Down' is the title track from her 2018 EP and I wish that I had discovered this track back then.

Hannah Trigwell - Like U Used To

This is a special video, and one that I am sure Hannah would agree was well worth the wait. I think there are over 6000 individual photos that were taken to make this video and every one of them was taken by Hannah and then edited all together. It was not a easy process but one that definitely has an end result worthy of the long hours and hard work that Hannah put in.

Indiana - Heart On Fire

Taken from her debut 2015 album titled 'No Romeo', with some big Sicario vibes in the video and also another one that falls into the cinematic storytelling catagory. I just love these type of music videos that could easily actually be short movie trailers, they really are just so good.

OK Button - The Message

Back to Scotland with this video from OK Button. I love this song and the way that the video unfolds. It's got a wee bit of a grim outcome and Amber does have a very unsettling smile at times, but it's such a good video and looks like it was a lot of fun to make. This song was the debut release from the band and it's on their 'Sepia Spectres' EP that was released last year.

So Below - Ruin

This is another video and song combination that I really just love so much. There are some huge Dario Argento vibes in this video, and that is definitely a good thng. It is very hypnotic and mesmerising at times and very well edited. It woud be good to find out what influenced the style. This track is taken from So Below's second EP titled 'II' and it was released in 2017.

SVĒ - Talking To The Walls

This has been one of my favourite music videos ever since I first seen it about 7 years ago. I have seen a lot of post apocalyptic movies over the years since then that always remind me of this video. Such a great song and video and I just never tire of watching this. I know that I say picking favourites is something I try not to do, but I really do just love this video so much.

Thank you if you watched all the videos. If you enjoyed them, please don't forget to follow all of the artists on YouTube and via their socials, which you will find details of in the video info.

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