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Emma McGann | A Refreshing Flash Of Colour In A World Of Same Old, Same Old

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

I was first introduced to Emma McGann through Twitch, way back when I first signed up to the platform as a viewer. I think it was Emma's second ever stream on Twitch that I caught, after I had seen her active in a few other streams I was a part of and had given her a follow. It was not long before her live streams became a regular viewing for me. Emma had been streaming online long before her Twitch debut, having already been a very established and well known music streamer on YouNow, which is a very similar platform to Twitch in most ways. It was not a site that I had frequented often, but I have caught some streams since. Emma is an award winning singer-songwriter, musician and live streamer from the UK. Her debut album B.R.A.V.E. was released in 2017, and is the result of a very successful fan-funded Kickstarter campaign. With many singles having been released since then, Emma is definitely one of those independent artists that should be in your playlists and on your release radars. Always pushing and creating, using technology with her live streaming, Emma's home studio is known as the Neon Jungle, and also, Emma is one of the few artists in the world who has their own interactive Amazon Alexa Skill, called Emma McGann Backstage.


I will include some of Emma's official music videos below from the most recently released track Teary Eyed right back to the title track from her debut album, B.R.A.V.E. Please don't forget to give that follow/subscribe button a click if you enjoy any of the music videos here.


For the selection of live videos below, I have chosen Love YouTo Death which is probably my own personal favourite original of Emma's, as well as Misfits. After that there are a couple of well known covers and finally an older track from Emma called Queen Of This Castle. Again, please support if you enjoy the music here by clicking the follow/subscribe buttons folks.


Emma created a 5 part YouTube series with an insight and some tips and information on her live streaming home studio setup covering visuals, lighting, room design and audio. I have included all 5 parts here below and they are really good, especially if you are thinking about live streaming for the first time or even looking to improve your current live streaming setup.


Before Covid and lockdown took over the world, Emma had quite an extensive tour planned for the US and Canada during April, May and June. Sadly those dates had to be postponed, but plans were already in place to have virtual shows alongside the live ones. With most of the world in lockdown or restricted in one way or another, Emma was able to go ahead with those virtual shows, live from her home studio, the Neon Jungle. Fans were able to buy a Virtual Tour Pass, which would give them access to all of the live performances on the Tour.


Whether you are new to Emma and her music and live streaming, or have been a fan of hers or a viewer both on Twitch and YouNow, or on YouTube, I will include links below to all the social media sites and to Spotify and Soundcloud. You can also find lots more information on Emma via her official website at the link below. Thank you for reading and please support Independent Musicians.


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