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Farming Life | PC Review

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Developed by Pyramid Games and published by Gaming Factory and Ultimate Games, Farming Life is a casual farming and management simulator available on Windows PC. As a big fan of Stardew Valley and these types of games, I was excited to get stuck into Farming Life and I am happy to say it did not disappoint.


The game begins as Sam and Linda are dropped off at their old family farm which is a little bit run down. You are immediately thrust into a tutorial which takes you through all the basics you need to get started. You can get away with playing this whole game with just the mouse as a point and click controller but there are also different key bindings which make certain actions quicker to carry out. A nice mechanic which I liked was the ability to stop time in the game which allows you to plan your day ahead without the stress of potentially running out of time to carry out all of your tasks. It really made Farming Life a very chilled and enjoyable experience for me. I feel that in some simulation games I have played, things can get very overwhelming very quickly, but with this one, the game moves along at your pace.


You can accept as many or as few quests and challenges as you wish and really take your time expanding your farm at a pace that you are comfortable with. That being said, there are still a vast array of different crops, fruits, vegetables and animals available to cultivate and care for on your farm. You will need to hire staff and build lodgings for them in order to keep your farm running smoothly. There is also the option to grow your farm with extra buildings such as silos, sheds, cheese factories, a bakery, and much more. Opting for these can earn you some serious cash if you are able to balance your staff workflow properly. As your farm grows, you can buy vehicles such as a tractor and combine harvester and attach different types of machinery to each to more efficiently manage your larger fields.


The mayor of the town will give you challenges which you must complete to earn his respect and also to gain permission to expand land and property but again, you can accept these at any point which gives you the time to adequately prepare for each challenge before you take it on. You will also receive requests for produce from other citizens of the town which you can accept or deny as you see fit.


I really liked the voxel style graphics, the colours are bright and vibrant, all of which make Farming Life a wonderful looking game. The music can become a bit repetitive and slightly annoying once you have spent enough time in this game but this can be turned off in the settings menu should it become too annoying.


Farming Life is a fairly in depth farming sim without being too overwhelming and is a great addition to the genre. I would have loved the addition of a multiplayer mode to build a farm with friends but unfortunately there isn’t one. Despite this, I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing this and will spend many more hours trying to grow my farming enterprise.

PaultheBrave09's Rating: 4 boxes of carrots out of 5.


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Many thanks to Ultimate Games for the Review Key.

Farming Life | Steam


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