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Hannah Trigwell | 'The People's Popstar!'

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

I forget how I first discovered Hannah Trigwell. It was about a decade ago, possibly through another musician I was following at the time, and it was round about the release of Hannah's first EP Hold My Heart in 2010. I have been lucky enough to have met Hannah back in 2011 when she played a little acoustic gig in my then front room for 20 of my friends as part of her House Party Tour. Over the years she has literally gone from strength to strength releasing one amazing track after another. It has been a pleasure to be a part of this past decade with her, supporting her music through the release of her debut album Red and I am so looking forward to seeing and hearing what she releases in the future. Very proud to be a Triglet.

Hannah is an independent singer-songwriter and guitarist from Leeds in West Yorkshire. At the age of 17 she took to the streets of her home town to sing both her originals and covers. It was not long before Hannah's YouTube uploads increased and her online following grew. Currently her YouTube is on the healthy side of just over half a million subscribers and her total views there are just short of 117 million. In 2018, after releasing a few EP's beforehand, Hannah recorded and released her debut Album Red. Hannah also set up and runs Teapot Records, her own independent record label as well as creating and filming all her own music videos. With a decade worth of music already under her belt, Hannah Trigwell is definitely another independent musician who should be in you playlists and on your release radars.


I will include a selection of Hannah's official music videos below starting with the most recent release Dreams which she filmed and made herself. After that we have Like U Used To, again another video made by Hannah herself. This one was a long time in the making with literally thousands of still images taken to create the final amazing end result. You can see a behind the scenes of Like U Used To HERE. The third video is Attention, one of my favourite recent originals. Then we have a couple of Hannah's older music videos with Taboo and Hurricane.


For the selection of 5 live videos below, I have chosen Attention which is a recent original, as well as Taboo which is one of the older ones. Alongside both of these are the 3 covers, Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper, Iris by Goo Goo Dolls and Pompeii by Bastille. As always folks, if you like or enjoy any or all of these songs or videos, please show some support to Hannah as with all independent musicians by giving a little click to any follow/subscribe button you see.


Hannah recently started a brand new weekly video and audio podcast with Thomman and it is a guide for upcoming artists and newcomers, discussing the music scene and helping to understanding the music industry side of things. Guests on the podcast include beatmakers, independent artists, producers, label managers, booking agents, festival organisers as well as radio hosts. I have included the first 5 videos below as well as a link to the entire series.

Podcast Playlist with all of the Videos so far in the series... Backstage Pass Podcast


I will include links below for Hannah's website and to all her social media sites and to Spotify and Soundcloud as well as YouTube and Patreon. Thank you for reading this blog post and as always, please if you are able to, support Independent Musicians in any way you can. Your support, no matter how little it might seem, makes such a huge difference. Stream, buy, watch, follow and subscribe.


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