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HyperX Cloud Alpha | Wired Gaming Headset Review

HyperX have continued to reign supreme across the spectrum for many years now, and with the addition of the Cloud Alpha Wired Gaming Headset, can we expect more of the same quality and consistency that has been delivered previously? The market for quality gaming peripherals is constantly changing and developing, and alongside all these developments come multiple variations on the same theme. Regardless of all these developments though, the core fundamentals of what makes a good headset remain the same - does it sound good? Does it feel good? Is it comfortable? Finally, is it worth the money? These four questions are the most important things I consider when I’m looking for a new headset. I really need a headset to be quite versatile and serve two general purposes, one as just a common gamer trying to “git gud” at Warzone, and secondly as a Twitch streamer who is trying to grow and build a career on a budget. I really try my best to do things in the most cost effective way while still maintaining as high a quality as possible. Alongside general gaming I’ve also tested the Cloud Alpha headset extensively on Twitch as well, so to say that the Cloud Alpha has been through rigorous testing would certainly be accurate. Massive thank you to the wonderful people over at Team Lewis for providing the headset to review.


In the box you’ll find the headset itself, the attachable microphone, a 1.32m cable with 3.5mm connections on either end and an in-line control unit. You’ll also get a 2m long extension cable that can be used as a splitter for use on a PC. This all comes inside a nice soft carry bag alongside the instructions and safety information. The HyperX Cloud Alpha is fully plug in and play with no set up or charging required, so upon its arrival it took mere seconds to set up and have my first chance to test out the headset. Straight out of the box impressions were already high for me. Having prior experience of the HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Headset I already had a fair idea of what I was to expect quality wise, but I really feel like the Cloud Alpha went above and beyond those expectations in every way possible.


Physically, the headset looks clean and fresh with matte black ear cups featuring the HyperX logo. The hinge connecting the cups to the headband are sturdy and strong, and the headband itself is leather bound with some clean stitching and plush padding along the top, again, embossed with the HyperX branding. I have the all-black version, however, there is also a red and black colour option available. As well as the striking but sleek visual appearance the Cloud Flight feels of exceptional quality. The cushion on the headband is plush even three months down the line, no tears or imperfections, and the headset still sits on my head just as secure and firm as the first day I put it on. This is a big one for me. I’ve moved from a basic Turtle Beach headset that I had for a number of years and for most of that time it had been falling off my head often and just a general nuisance to wear at times. Alongside durability, one of the other key things I look for is comfort. Most days I’m at my desk either writing reviews, gaming with friends, and then I finish with a stream, meaning that any headset I’m using really needs to hit the spot comfort wise and I really can’t fault the Cloud Alpha. Gamers are often concerned with how comfy a headset is to wear with glasses and as someone who is blighted with poor eyesight; I can attest that the Cloud Alpha is perfect as the plush padding on the cups will prevent any discomfort or awkward pushing of the glasses legs into your head. My main criticism of the HyperX Cloud Alpha is purely cosmetic and personal preference, however, I feel like the microphone's boom arm just doesn’t quite fit the aesthetic of the rest of the headset. I’d maybe prefer something that's slightly more streamlined and sleek looking like the rest of the headset, whereas with the current design I can always see the microphone in my peripheral vision and it feels slightly obstructive. However, I very much feel like this is purely personal preference rather than an overall issue but it certainly isn’t a dealbreaker for me.


Now we get to the truly important thing - how does it sound, both for the user, and for the listener? Firstly, the audio quality is phenomenal. The tones are wonderful and that quality translates through everything that I’ve played. Ambient sounds in the background of games are distinct and clear. Whilst in the midst of explosions and gunfire in Call of Duty: Warzone I’m able to distinguish enemy footsteps and the direction their coming from with ease. On the other end of the spectrum, the microphone quality is also excellent. After using it every night on my Twitch stream I feel incredibly confident in both the clarity and quality of the headset. I’ve had to apply very mild filters on my OBS just to allow the headset to shine, however, just on its own being used in PlayStation parties and Discord calls, the quality is absolutely fine with no problems. As a small Twitch streamer I’ve made it my mission to get the absolute best quality possible despite having a very small budget to work with and the Cloud Alpha fits the bill perfectly for me as both a microphone and for game audio. I’ve had many people ask over the last few months what microphone I’m using and I’ve been met with surprise a few times now with the quality offered for the price point. Alongside all this, the noise cancellation is also excellent. With me living in a noisy area of town with three dogs that like to bark a lot, I often find I can’t even hear what the dogs are barking at when I am wearing the Cloud Alpha.


If you're looking for a versatile headset that can do it all with ease - Hyper X Cloud Alpha is a more than worthy contender. If you're looking for something that's not just good but feels, acts, and performs as well as any higher-end headset, then your search really could end with the HyperX Cloud. Whether you're a console or PC gamer in your free time or if you're a streamer or content creator, I feel like the Cloud Alpha would be an excellent product especially if you're hesitant to spend large amounts of money on tech. Whilst the price point isn’t exactly pennies, I’d be very surprised to find a better quality product at this price. The saying always goes “you get what you pay for", however, I believe in the case of the HyperX Cloud Alpha, you're actually getting a far superior product at a very exceptional price.

Lj's Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


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Many thanks to Team Lewis for the Review Sample.

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