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HyperX Cloud Flight | Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

With game reviewing recently becoming a regular feature in my life, I feel so fortunate with the opportunities I get and this is truly another humbling experience for me to be taking two of my biggest passions in life; gaming and writing, and combining them together into a productive and enjoyable way to spend my time. Thanks to the wonderful people over at Team Lewis, I have been given the opportunity to review the HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset. I greatly anticipated its arrival and could not wait to get my hands on it and stretch its legs. I had three main tests that I planned to really push the limits of the headset which are: Firstly, competitive games where communication with my team is important and hearing enemies positioning. Secondly, how does the microphone quality translate over in my live streams and finally, the general quality of the audio by listening to music and just generally playing games. For the purposes of this review, I was using the headset with my PlayStation 5 as well as on Windows PC.


First off, we’ll cover what comes in the box; obviously, you’ll find the headset itself; the detachable microphone; a micro-USB charging cable; a wireless USB receiver; and a quick start guide. Straight away as soon as I took the headset out of the box I could feel the build quality and as I put it on for the first time for the obligatory first wear - I was even more impressed. It took about four hours to fully charge straight out the box. Whilst the battery is charging the HyperX logo on the side of the cups pulsate on and off and when it's fully charged the light stays solid and indicates that it's ready.

After a full charge, I made myself a nice cold shaker of Sneak and fired up Call of Duty: Warzone; joined my regular teammates and started chatting away. Immediately the difference in my headset was noticed and much comment was given to how crisp and clear the microphone sounded which is a vital thing for any online competitive games. There’s nothing worse than joining a party and your teammates sound like they're talking to you from the bottom of a fish bowl or using a phone line from the 1990s so I immediately felt really impressed. Upon loading myself into a game, I could feel the difference in quality from the offset. I have been using the same pair of Turtle Beach Recon 70’s for about three years now and whilst I always felt they were good enough, what I experienced from the headset was an entirely different ball game. The audio feels incredibly crisp and clean and after dropping into Verdansk and getting my favourite guns in my hands, I just had to push a team to see how the headset performs in a situation where precision is required in terms of being able to hear where enemy footsteps and gunfire is coming from. Whilst Warzone is famed for having very buggy footsteps, I did find myself hearing things that I wouldn’t have heard before and found myself being able to pinpoint exactly where people are and what direction they're coming from far more efficiently than I used to.


My next test, probably the most important one for me, as mentioned was how the microphone sounded through my live stream. Whilst I’m by no means a big streamer and I’m very limited in what technology and knowledge I have, I try my very hardest to have everything be the best quality I can and always hate when things don’t work properly. Whilst I already had a lot of confidence in the headset I was slightly apprehensive to use them on stream however my anxieties about using this new tech were completely washed away when people came into chat and told me how great the microphone sounded.

In terms of comfortability, I was also very impressed with the headset. As someone who wears glasses, headsets are always a difficult one and often after a few hours of gameplay I’m having to reposition and take my headset off because of the pressure from them, however I’ve now done some fairly lengthy sessions wearing them and have felt NONE of that pressure. Despite being a well and tight fitting headset, it's exceptionally comfortable. I think my longest session wearing them was around ten hours and there were zero issues throughout.


This leads me nicely to discuss battery life. On the box the headset boasts an amazing 30 hours of battery life, however this is based on it being run at 50% volume and the lights being switched off. On average I’m getting about 10-15 hours out of a full charge which is perfectly sufficient for long and intense days of gaming and streaming. There is the option to use the headset wired with a 3.5mm cable however the microphone does NOT work in this mode and only works wirelessly. This feature would have been nice as if the headset needed to be charged during a stream or an intense gaming session then I’d quickly need to have an alternative lined up and ready to be used.

With all these amazing things said; there naturally needs to be some drawbacks and there most certainly is; however I really feel like the positives completely outweigh the negatives and for a mid-range headset, these flaws are very insignificant. My first qualm with it is that whilst the actual headset itself feels like it's made to a very high standard and is of excellent quality; the power button and the volume wheel feel of a considerably lower quality to me and don’t seem consistent with the rest of the headset. Secondly, the noise cancelling is quite poor and a lot of background noise still bleeds through for me and equally, a lot of the audio from the headset itself bleeds out; however as I said previously, these are very minor qualms and considering it’s at the mid-range in terms of price for a quality headset I truly feel like the positives outweigh the negatives.

My time with the HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset has been largely positive and I have been very much impressed by the product overall. At its current price point of £119.99, I would argue that it's an excellent headset, and for me it ticked all the necessary boxes and excelled in everything that I needed it to do.

Lj’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


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Many thanks to Team Lewis for the Review Sample.

HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset


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