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Inertial Drift | PS4 Review

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Inertial Drift is a racing game with a difference. In this game you use both sticks for steering and drift. And once you do get to grips with that, this can actually be a very addictive little game. It is developed by Level 91 Entertainment and published by PQube and is currently available on Windows PC, PlayStation, XBox, and Nintendo Switch. For the purposes of my review I was playing the game on the PlayStation 4, with a review key supplied by PQube.


Inertial Drift starts you off with a tutorial to get you used to the twin stick controls. So, you are using the left stick for your steering and the right stick to control the drift. I will get back to that later and explain it a bit more then. Also at the start of the game you are introduced to some characters with some dialogue between them and this continues throughout the game as you progress. Each of them have their own car and each comes with its very own characteristics. Whether you prefer easier to handle or more top speed, there is plenty for you to decide as and when you try out each of the cars that Inertial Drift has to offer you. During the game there is a suitably retro-style soundtrack which really is quite catchy, and it certainly adds to the look and feel of this very fast-paced drift-driving arcade racing game.


The game modes in Inertial Drift are Story Mode, which is the main option here and lets you progress through the game via the 4 main characters in the story, and allowing you to try out each of their cars. You get to practice each of the tracks though first. Challenges does exactly what it says on the tin. You get access to a set of challenges with the characters from the story, and you can unlock cars to use in other the other modes in the game. Arcade opens up a lot of tracks and options to you, ghost attacks, time attacks, races, duels, and endurance. There are also global and friend leaderboards here to check. Grand Prix lets you compete in a series of 5 events, and with only 3 retries on each one, you will need to get your practice in before trying to prove yourself here. There is also a Splitscreen option that allows you to play head to head with a friend on the same screen. You can also take your skills under the Online mode if you feel like a challenge. On top of the game modes, you have a roster of 16 cars in the game, and you unlock more as you get further into the game. There are 20 tracks for you to tear up, so plenty of content in Interial Drift for your money.


The controls in Inertial Drift are what makes it all the more unique. As mentioned previously, you use the twin sticks, with the left stick for your steering and the right stick to control your drift. It is tricky at first but you will get used to it, and it really makes a difference to the game. You also have right trigger for accelerate and left trigger for brake, and I found I was using the combination of brake and drift to manoever my way round the tracks. The square button is reverse should you need it, and Up on the D-Pad toggles the headlights on or off. The options in the game are for language, leaderboards, invert drift stick (which I had on), swap drift/steering sticks, vibration, mirror off/on, text speed, and units (mph/kph). You also have brightness, vsync, motion blur, and chromatic settings. Finally there is a comprehensive audio settings menu with master volume, in-game music, menu music, engine, tyre squeal, surface sounds, drifts, impacts, ambience, and wind - an abundance of options for you here.


To sum up Inertial Drift, I would say that it is a very enjoyable arcade racer, with that added bonus of the unique twin stick setup. It looks, feels, sounds, and plays amazing. It really is a very addictive little game, and if you are a fan of racing games, that offer a bit more of a challenge than the usual ones, then this could be that challenge. I was playing Inertial Drift on the PlayStation 4 on the TV, but it would be just as good playing handheld on the go on the Nintendo Switch. And it is yet another solid game that I would very highly recommend. g1a5w3g1an's Rating: 4 smokin' tyres out of 5.


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Many thanks to PQube for the Review Key.

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