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Just Die Already | PS4 Review

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Just Die Already is an irreverent, ridiculous and completely outlandish sandbox game and simulator developed by DoubleMoose and published by Curve Digital. For the purposes of my review, I've played the PlayStation 4 version where there are two game play options; the first being a single player mode and secondly, PVP.


Within just a few seconds of loading into the game I realised just how ridiculous this game could get. Upon trying to get out of bed I somehow fell over, rolled around the floor and lost an arm, my only thoughts were, "wow, you couldn't make this up". You quickly learn that you are one of many residents in an old folks home that appears to be riddled with hazards and obstacles aimed at severing limbs, electrocuting and just in general, trying to make life as hard for you as possible. As I moved through the home, I learned that the residents and staff were throwing a party to celebrate another resident passing away. It was at this point I quickly realised this game was a no holds barred masterpiece of chaos and laughter with many hours of discovery to enjoy. After some rebellious actions, you're promptly evicted from the home and are free to explore and start wreaking havoc on the city.


Whilst this is really just the extent of the storyline, meaning there isn't as such quests or missions to do, you have a bucket list to fulfill which is about as far as the game goes in the sense of guidence on what to do. Everything that you check off your bucket list grants you tokens that you use at vending machines to buy all manner of weapons that, as you can guess, are utterly ridiclous! Even though you can get tooled up with guns and machetes though, you can't lose sight of the fact that you are simply a frail old man or woman and the environment is particularily perillous and you can very easily find yourself hopping along on one leg, missing an arm, or in the worst case scenario - you can end up simply a rolling torso, completely defenseless and useless. The good thing is that, as easy as it is to end up decorating the city with your blood, there is little penalty for dying because you simply press triangle and you find yourself crawling out of a nearby dumpster to rejoin the chaos that you previously failed miserably at.


Just Die Already really is the definition of a sandbox game, simply leaving the player to create the chaos that they want to see in the millions of ways the game allows. Want to cause a ten-car collision with a banana gun? You got it! Want to mark your territory by urinating everywhere? Go for it! Want to run rampant with a machete, chopping up everyone who dares look at you? Fire in! The only real boundary in this game is your own imagination which for me personally is lacking slightly. I personally prefer to have a bit more of a guided experience and find myself lost for things to do after a little while, but with the constant humour this game really managed to keep me more entertained and amused than other sandbox games typically do. I found myself still laughing away and giggling hours after loading into the game and that was only single player so I'm quite excited to load up a PVP game to see what complete and utter insanity adding other real people into the game causes.


Just Die Already is fun, chaotic and has the potential for many hours of laughter and is just in general a great game to blow off some steam to, especially if your normal daily game is frustrating you and you just need something mindless and funny to relax with. Just Die Already captured the true essence of geriatric rebellion against those pesky millenials and made it so much fun because I know when I'm old and in a care home, I sure as hell won't be having that much fun and causing that much chaos!

Lj's Rating: 4 zimmer frames out of 5.


For more information on Just Die Already please use the following links... DoubleMoose - Developer | Twitter | Website

Curve Digital - Publisher | Facebook | Twitter | Website

Many thanks to Renaissance PR and PressEngine for supplying the review code.

Just Die Already | Steam Store | PlayStation Store | XBox Live | Nintendo eShop


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