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Llynks | Become The Root

Updated: Nov 19

I was first introduced to Llynks (Sara Kendall) earlier this year with an article on Music Blog LeFutureWave about the release of her second single Patterns Through Seams. I remember being instantly drawn to the sound and the style of the music and the track itself is probably a great introduction to Llynks, if you have not heard any of the other tracks. It will without any doubt be in my top tracks of the year, and Llynks certainly is one of the best discoveries that I have found this year, and that is in a year filled with so much new independent music already.

With over a dozen great tracks released under her real name Sara Kendall, making a change with what is effectively a rebrand, can be both exciting and challenging. But if we take the 4 tracks that have been released already as an example, then I am sure that what lies ahead in this new direction and venture for Llynks is only going to be good, and it will just get better.

I will include all the links below to socials and music for Llynks, but please do check out her YouTube channel as during the lockdown there have been regular videos uploaded there covering a lot of great topics relating to being an independent musician with a lot of really good information relating to that, as well as videos where Sara talks about songwriting and also about her debut album Become The Root, which is being released on Friday July 10th. You can also see the official videos for the tracks released already from this album over on the YouTube channel as well as some amazing live / acoustic versions and also some covers.

Become The Root, the amazing debut album is now available, and please check out Llynks by clicking on all those follow and subscribe buttons. I have also included my playlist at the bottom of this blog with all the previously released Sara Kendall tracks on it, which have now been released under Llynks. My playlist has been on repeat constantly recently and has been such a great playlist to enjoy while waiting for the album Become The Root to be released.

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Here is my Spotify Playlist featuring all Sara's original tracks along with Become The Root...

Direct link here : Spotify Playlist

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