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MariGo | The Wizard Of Ableton

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

My first experience of Mari was via the live music streaming website Twitch when a streamer I was following raided one of Mari's streams, taking their community over to hers. One of the first things that you will notice when you visit Mari on Twitch is the energy that she has on the stream, followed by the work that she puts into each song. Building up each one in Ableton, Mari layers the tracks together with such ease and it can be very mesmerising at times to just watch it all come together. Then you get to the vocal melodies, taking it all to another level.

Mari was already an established and accomplished musician, singer songwriter and producer before starting streaming on Twitch. With the growth of her Twitch community and for me to be a part of seeing that all develop, it just goes to highlight more and more how thoroughly amazing the Twitch music community can be. As well as live performance streaming, Mari has also done music producing streams, breaking down the whole process of putting a new track together piece by piece, as well some gaming streams and a yoga stream as well in the past.

Oh and did I forget to mention that Mari is also a Classically Trained Opera Singer. But for a little sample of that you will have to tune in to one of her Twitch streams where she is joined regularly by Vector the cat who always seems to be drawn to the Opera singing on streams. Alternatively you can click on this link HERE for a little Twitch clip of Mari singing Ave Maria.

To give you an little idea of Mari's sound I have included three of her recent original tracks in the YouTube links below. The first two are from her most recently released EP What Are You Doing Now and the third of the tracks Better Weather will feature on her new and yet to be released EP, which hopefully is not too far off. Also, on the subject of Better Weather, it was always one of my favourite tracks of Mari's from the Twitch streams and it was good to finally see it out and in the world as a fully produced and released track. Please have a watch and a listen to these tracks and if you like them please give Mari's YouTube channel a little follow.

As well as already being an amazing singer songwriter and music producer, Mari is now also one of only eight female Ableton Certified Trainers in the US. She regularly organises online meetups as well as teaching courses with a great local comminuty that she has built up from women/trans/nonbinary student musicians and producers all of whom are now learning from someone who has become without a doubt a master of production software with Ableton.

For a little sample of what Mari does on Twitch on her live streams I have included below just a few videos. All of them are covers, but they do highlight the amount of work Mari puts into creating the sound and I hope that by watching them you will want to check out the Twitch stream sometime. Link to the stream is below along with all other information that you need.

With so much music available now and a new track due in August, there is no better time to check out Mari. All links to her socials are below, and for a sneak peak of new tracks there are the Twitch streams every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday as well as the option to subscribe to Mari over on Patreon.


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