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Natalie Holmes | Bedroom Demos

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Well, what a lovely way to kick off my new website/blog/little corner of the internet here than to give a shoutout firstly to Natalie Holmes, and also to drop a link to her Twitch live stream, which this Friday May 1st is a complete playthrough of all 18 tracks from her absolutely amazing Bedroom Demos album which is only available at present digitally on Bandcamp.

But yes first off, a little bit about Natalie...

Natalie Holmes is singer songwriter from Bristol in the UK and already has a wealth of released and unreleased originals and covers under her belt spanning all the usual music streaming sites as well as exclusive content on Bandcamp, via monthly subscription on Patreon and on her Discord. I will post links at the end for everything mentioned.

I was first introduced to Natalie a few years back now through a music site that I followed who had a feature on her at the time and started following her on the social media sites. Late in 2018 I noticed she had started promoting her Twitch live streams on Twitter and I decided early in 2019 to sign up and see what all the fuss was about as I had never really heard of Twitch at the time and believed it was just a site for gamers. You could add here that the rest is history, as now a year and a bit on, have met her and been part of an exclusive house gig which was live streamed, helped out with a video shoot and a Ukulele purchase here in Glasgow and I even stream myself on Twitch, albeit just gaming for me. So yeah, pretty much all that has happened thanks to Natalie.

Which brings us to the main reason for this little entry in my blog and the first post on my brand new website. This Friday, May 1st, Natalie's Twitch Live stream is a complete play through of all 18 tracks from her Bedroom Demos Bandcamp exclusive album which was released in 2018...

As well as one of my personal favourite tracks of hers 'Arm Around Me' the album contains some songs that have become regular requests on her live streams on Twitch every Monday and Friday evenings, and that popularity for these songs has prompted Natalie to do this one off Bedroom Demos stream.

So please firstly click on some of the links below to find out more about Natalie, have a listen to the original tracks and to the covers, do tune in on Friday (7pm) to the Twitch live stream and also if you are thinking about purchasing the Bedroom Demos album, if you wait until Friday to do that, Bandcamp are waiving all fees on that day so you will be supporting the artists even more.


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Hope to see you on one of Natalie's live streams on Twitch. 😎💛👊

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