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Natalie Holmes | Bedroom Demos 2

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Way back at the end of April I started my blog off by covering Bedroom Demos by Natalie Holmes. It's an album that Natalie released only via Bandcamp, made up of 18 Tracks that never quite made it to the full release stage, but are in fact all amazing tracks in their own right. Well, following on from the success of that album, through the physical copies all selling out on Bandcamp and with so much interest in the songs being requested on her Twitch live streams, Natalie has now just released a follow up called... Bedroom Demos 2.

As with the first album, this new one features 18 tracks, all of which started out life as demos in some form. These were mostly released and available exclusively through Patreon, which is a platform where Natalie is able to create and share music with her fans who can subscribe for as little as a few pounds a month. Subscribers can receive updates on Natalie's music as well as early access to demos, such as the ones on this album, along with other exclusives.

As with the first album, the overall production values on this new one are nothing short of amazing, and I know the album is called Bedroom Demos but listening to it you will soon discover that these songs and this album could well be released as a fully produced one. Trying to pick a favourite with so many great tracks included proved to be a tough one for me to make. This was made even more difficult, when you take into account that this new album includes On The Same Plane, which is a song Natalie wrote especially for a Patreon competition, and that I was lucky enough to be present for the filming of the official video for the song in Glasgow late in November 2019. Here is the link to the video on YouTube :

There are so many amazing tracks on this new album, but the standout ones for me include Stay Awake, Be Gentle, Watertight and On The Same Plane. You are really just going to have to go and check out the album for yourself over on Bandcamp. I will include all links to music and socials for Natalie below as well as a link to my previous blog post about the first album.


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Click on the image below for the original blog post about Bedroom Demos...


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