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Natalie Holmes | Vitamin Be

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

The long awaited debut album Vitamin Be by Natalie Holmes was released on August 26th. It features 13 tracks, some brand new, and some that were only originally available on the previously released Bandcamp Bedroom Demos albums. There have been 2 singles released off the album so far, Tricks and Floating TV. The album was written, mixed, and produced by Natalie and is available to stream everywhere right now, and to buy digtially on Bandcamp.


Below are the official videos for the first two tracks to be released off the album, Tricks and Floating TV. I have also included the piano session for Dandelion, as well as the Live Loop version of Dropslide. I will update this section as and when new videos are made available.


I will include an embed below from Spotify for the album. And I know that usually I am not one for picking favourite tracks, but I will say that Wave Back, Dropslide and Pretty Birds have all been getting many repeat plays from me. This album has been worth the wait, and I could not recommend it any more. Having heard some of the tracks before on Bedroom Demos as well as live, it is so good to finally have fully produced and recorded album versions of them.


There are links below to Natalie's website and to all of the social media sites, as well as links to Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and YouTube. Thank you for reading this blog post and as always, if you are able to, please support Independent Musicians in any way that you can. Your support, no matter how little it might seem, makes such a huge difference. Stream, buy, watch, follow, and subscribe, in all of the places. And also, do enjoy listening to Vitamin Be.


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