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Nerina Pallot | If I Had To Choose Just One Artist...

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

If I had to choose just one artist, one musical act, like a Desert Island Discs kind of scenario, I would be hard pressed to decide anyone other than Nerina Pallot. Over the past 2 decades, her music has been a huge part of my life, going right back to when I first discovered her, round about the time of the Fires album being released. Back before the likes of Twitch and mainstream live streaming, Nerina would regularly go live on YouTube each week for hours on end, playing all her favourite tracks both originals and covers, with occasional guests and surprises. I have also been lucky to have caught Nerina live in concert a handful of times over the years round about Scotland, mostly in Glasgow at Oran Mor. I never like to pick specific favourites when it comes to music and artists I enjoy, but if I had to, I would definitely have to say that Nerina is up there at the top of that list, quite possibly sitting right at the very top.

There is so much amazing music throughout Nerina's back catalogue, from her debut album Dear Frustrated Superstar which was released in 2001 right through to the brand new album I Don't Know What I Am Doing. In 2014 Nerina set herself a challenge: to write, record and release a new EP every month for the entire year, and the challenge got absolutely smashed! For her fans, it meant so much new music during that year, with some of the songs going on to become Nerina favourites. Also, in what has now become a little yearly Nerina tradition, at Christmas time you can find a very special concert on in London, where you can head along early to take in the sound check, then have Christmas dinner in the afternoon with Nerina at the venue, and catch the gig in the evening. A special day and one to remember, and with all that is going on in the world at the moment, I hope those days and those gigs return soon.

Nerina Pallot is a BRIT and Ivor Novello nominated singer-songwriter and producer from the UK. With 2 decades of music under her belt, 7 studio albums, dozens of EP's, as well as writing credits on tracks for the likes of Kylie Minogue and Diana Vickers, Nerina established and runs her own Independent Record Label called Idaho Records and currently live streams on YouTube regularly. Her new album called I Don't Know What I'm Doing is available now.


Here is a selection of Nerina's official music videos starting with the most recent and then going back through to some of the earlier ones. There are eight here, but please do feel free to check out the other videos over on Nerina's YouTube channel and also, if you enjoy the music, please do give the YouTube channel and all the other socials a follow and support independent musicians, especially now more than ever. Every little click and follow will help.


Here is also a selection of live videos and session videos below, again covering some of the EP's and the Albums as well as some covers. I have included a selection of both Piano and Guitar tracks ranging from some of the new album tracks right back to the BBC live version of Sophia. There is also an amazing live performance of It Starts included below from the Union Chapel in 2010 that features a full band with a string section and also a backing choir.


There are links below for Nerina's website and to the social media sites, Spotify, Soundcloud, as well as YouTube and for Merchandise. Thank you for reading this blog post and as always, if you are able to, please support Independent Musicians in any way that you can. Your support, no matter how little it might seem, makes such a huge difference. Stream, buy, watch, follow, and subscribe.


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Here is Nerina's new album called I Don't Know What I'm Doing...


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