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New Music Friday | 2023

So for 2023 I thought that for a change I would keep track of all the new music that I select for my New Music Friday each week in one big collective Spotify playlist. This will not only allow the tracks to be found more easily, and keep them all together, but it will make it all that more easier for me at the end of the year to compile my tracks of the year and place them into my smaller 25 track Spotify playlist and blog post for my Music | 2023 | Playlist.

Each week as we go through 2023 I will pick 10 tracks from the new releases on each Friday. As well as adding those tracks into the playlist, which you can find below, I will also continue the weekly Friday shoutouts on Twitter and Instagram. So please check back each Friday or thereabouts, to see which tracks from that particular week make it onto this Spotify playlist and then in December, find out it any of your favourites make it to the final 25 track playlist.


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