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Puzzle Car | Nintendo Switch Review

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Puzzle Car is a chilled and very relaxing little tile-based puzzle game developed by Moraes Game Studio and published by QUByte Interactive. It is currently available on Windows PC, and on Nintendo Switch. For the purposes of this review I was playing Puzzle Car on the Nintendo Switch in docked mode with the console connected to a TV.


Do you remember those little plastic slide puzzles you used to get with the tiles that you moved around to make up a picture, or work out the solution to a puzzle? That is what came to mind for me when I started playing Puzzle Car. You basically have a little town setting and your car needs to get from the start marker to the end marker, but the route is made up of little tiles and they are all jumbled up. These tiles can be roads, turns, junctions, stop signs, and tunnels, all that's required for you to rearrange into the correct order so that the car can drive from its A to its B to clear the level. There are also some items to collect along the way such as fuel and repair icons, and you will notice the puzzles themselves becoming a little more complex and slightly more difficult as you progress through the game itself.


To select a tile, you just move the thumbstick and press A, then you select the tile you would like to swap it with and press A again. You can press B to undo, and when you think that you have completed the level, you can press the Y button to see if the car can navigate from the start to the end safely. There are options in the settings to change the sound levels for both the gameplay and the music, and you also have a level selection screen, with 50 levels in total, and once you have completed each level, you can then manually select to play any of them from this menu. The visuals are minimalistic and work well for this game, and there is a very calming soundtrack that plays throughout Puzzle Car and you make your way through it.


Overall, I enjoyed Puzzle Car, with its simplistic gameplay and its not too difficult learning curve. There were some of the puzzles that did require a bit of thought and forward planning but on the whole, this is a great little puzzler, that you can pick up for the price of a high street coffee. With the 50 levels that are included, there is a leisurely couple of hours gaming time here for you, and you always have the option to go back and replay any of them as well.

g1a5w3g1an's Rating: 3 tiles out of 5.


For more information on Puzzle Car please use the following links...

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Many thanks to QUByte Interactive for the Review Key.

Puzzle Car | Steam Store | Nintendo eShop


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