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Röki | PS5 Review

Röki is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Polygon Treehouse and published by United Label. This poignant adventure is currently available on Windows PC, PlayStation, XBox, Nintendo Switch, and for the purpose of my review I was playing the PlayStation 5 version.


Röki takes us on a magical journey where you take on the role of Tove who is on a journey to save her family. After a tragedy befalls her family home, Tove must go on a fantastical journey to reunite herself with her family. Tove's journey takes her deep into the forest where she discovers a long forgotten world filled with folklore and mysterious creatures. There are constant nods to Swedish mythology and folklore throughout the game and as you progress through and explore the wilderness you’ll constantly be surprised at the next mysterious creature or locations that you stumble across.


Throughout your adventure to find your younger brother, you’ll be faced with a variety of puzzles. Some of them will be simple and cause you little trouble; and others will make you explore around and will require a bit more thinking than others. Whilst some are more difficult, they're still not ridiculously challenging so the game doesn’t require too much of you as the player allowing you to just really enjoy the game no matter what your skill level or interests are. What really made the puzzles feel more engaging is the fact that each of the puzzles weren’t just a typical riddle that you need to solve, instead they all required a bit of exploring and various pieces to solve the puzzle. One thing I will say about Röki is that although the puzzles do feel a little bit repetitive at times, we’ve been given such a beautiful world to explore and such charming characters to get to know, so that I was able to all but forget the repetitive nature of the puzzles.


Another area where I’d say Röki impressed me is most certainly with the visuals. The cell-shaded graphics really helped to convey the whimsical fairytale lore that the creators were presenting to us and were really charming throughout. The design of the various characters and creatures that you encounter felt really unique and at times were really adorable even when you were face to face with a troll that was at least ten times your size.


Whilst Röki may just seem on the surface to be a typical search and rescue, scavenger hunt kind of story; you will quickly find there is so much more to this tale and if you really invest yourself in the story you’ll find it's actually a story that really requires some digesting. The game is fairly long as well and took me about 13 hours to complete so you’ll have plenty of time to discover these themes and your own interpretations. Whilst I did mention about some puzzles feeling a little bit repetitive, that repetitiveness really just helped me to absorb myself into the world and not have to think too much about the gaming and just enjoy the story.


Overall, Röki is a really well polished game that paid plenty of attention to the finer details which really elevated the game to a higher level in every sense. I would recommend Röki to just about any skill level but particularly people that enjoy a great story and want characters that are packed with charm then this will be an excellent addition to your library.

Lj’s Rating: 4.5 trolls out of 5.


For more information on Röki please use the following links...

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Many thanks to Wonacott PR for the Review Key.

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