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Ravenlok | Xbox Series S Review

Ravenlok is a third-person action-adventure RPG game from indie developer and publisher Cococucumber. It is available on Windows PC and Xbox, and was a day one release for both platforms on Game Pass. For the purpose of this review, I was playing on the Xbox Series S, with a review key that was very kindly supplied to us by the lovely folks over at Stride PR.


Ravenlok is a charming and enchanting little voxel art adventure, that puts you in the shoes of our soon-to-be heroine, Kira. As soon as the game starts up, you find yourself out in the countryside, spending some quality time with your cute and cuddly four-legged friend called Waffles. Yes, you can pet the dog in Ravenlok. You can even dress the little fella up, albeit with just a hat, a bow, or some cool sunglasses. Make the most of your time with Waffles at this point in the game though, because soon after helping your mum and dad finish off moving in to your new home, and while investigating the barn in the garden, Kira is whisked away to a magical and enchanting world known as Dunia, leaving her parents and her furry companion behind. This helping your parents part of the game could be seen as a tutorial of sorts, with that time allowing you to familiarise yourself with the Ravenlok's control layout.


Soon after you arrive in Dunia, you are informed that you are the chosen one, the savior of the land, and you are referred to as 'Ravenlok', due to the colour of your hair. Before you can undertake this seemingly mammoth task, you must first properly arm yourself, and then head along to undergo some combat training. It's not long before you acquire a trusty sword and shield, to help you hack-and-slash your way through this new mysterious world that you find yourself in. Along the way there are various charming little creatures to assist you with advice, as well as items and quests for you to complete, with your ultimate goal being to defeat the evil Caterpillar Queen who has overrun the lands of Dunia with her very evil and nasty rule.


I found the gameplay of Ravenlok to be very user-friendly. It was the camera angles that were at times somewhat frustrating, especially in the boss battles. You do get used them, but I did feel frustrated a couple of times. Gameplay and controls wise though, I could not fault the game in any way. It's pretty much hack-and-slash, and ask questions later! Enemies, barrels, vases, etc. all that get in your way, fall foul of your sword in Ravenlok. There are coins and feathers that you acquire from all of your swordplay, and these can be used for upgrading your level, and for purchasing health potions and bombs, etc. from friendly traders in-game.


The story within Ravenlok does borrow very heavily from Alice in Wonderland. There is no mistaking that. From the mirror portals, to the significance of playing cards, the characters Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, right through to the Tea Party. As much as there are those links though, Ravenlok tells it's own story, and has it's own characters, and I did enjoy the time that I spent playing the game. It's not often that I complete a game in a single sitting, but this was just so engrossing, that I just could not put the controller down at times. For the achievement hunters, I spent around 6 hours or so with my playthrough, and I managed to get all of the achievements on the Xbox, and get that all important 100% completed status.


Overall, if you are looking for a thoroughly enjoyable action-adventure game, then Ravenlok will tick a lot boxes for you. The combination of the voxel style visuals, and the user-friendly gameplay, along with the game's wonderful original soundtrack, which you can listen to on Spotify or YouTube, will have you completely enchanted. The fact that it is available over on Game Pass for both Windows PC and Xbox will be of great appeal, and this is a game that I would very highly recommend. My only downside to it being that it was maybe a little short. Although do not let that put you off Ravenlok in any way. There is a great little game here, a wonderful story to get stuck into, and lots of entertaining characters to meet along the way.

g1a5w3g1an's Rating: 4 out of 5.


For more information on Ravenlok please use the following links...

Cococucumber - Developer | Publisher | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Discord | Website

Many thanks to Stride PR for the Review Key.

Ravenlok | Windows PC | XBox

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