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Ravenous Devils | PS4 Review

Developed by Bad Vices Games and published by Troglobytes Games, Ravenous Devils is a cooking simulation game, with a slight twist. It is currently available to buy on Windows PC, PlayStation, XBox and Nintendo Switch, and for my review I was playing on the PlayStation 4.


Assume the role of the dynamic duo, Percival and Hilda, as they flee their previous home and set out on their new business venture in a new town. Percival, a tailor, is opening up a new clothing shop and his wife, Hilda, is opening up a pie shop downstairs from the tailor shop. With an urge to avoid waste, this clearly climate-conscious couple comes up with a sustainable business plan. Taking inspiration from Sweeney Todd, Percival becomes the Demon Tailor of Fleet Street and kills his clients, takes their clothing to repurpose into new stock, before sending them down a chute to the basement, where Hilda can turn them into the finest pies in the land. Along the way, you’ll build up clientele and grow your business; however, this doesn’t come without some weirdness. You receive a mystery letter one day with someone who appears to be blackmailing you, and you must comply with his demands if you wish to continue on with your business. Throughout Ravenous Devils, there are plenty of nods towards the musical Sweeney Todd, which is one of my favourites, so just for that alone I was very intrigued. As you progress through the business days and earn more money, you’ll be able to upgrade and improve both the tailor shop and the pie shop. You’ll start with a very humble and modest set up, but before long you’ll be serving recipes that Gordon Ramsey himself wouldn’t turn down.


I cannot emphasise enough that these sorts of games usually stress me out, and I just can’t find much enjoyment in them for long periods of time like others can. I know a lot of people who find these sorts of games incredibly relaxing and an easy way to spend a few hours. However, historically, simulations aren’t my sort of thing. I’m simply not good at micromanaging, and very quickly I find myself getting overwhelmed with the sheer multitude of things I’m expected to do. Ravenous Devils couldn’t have been anymore the opposite for me. The gameplay itself was very smooth, selecting items and directions to move is generally flawless, while switching between characters is also incredibly smooth as well. Initially, I found the game to be very easy and for a short time it began to feel a little bit monotonous, however, I then did one upgrade to my shop, and suddenly I had a whole host of other things to manage, so the difficulty ramped up again. With all this said, hardcore fans of simulation games will likely find Ravenous Devils incredibly easy, potentially too easy, but there is always a time and a place for games that are a bit less demanding mentally so don’t let this deter you from picking it up.


I really felt quite attached to the story in Ravenous Devils. Being a massive fan of the 2008 movie adaptation of Sweeney Todd, I really appreciated all the nods towards the musical, and it really brought a smile to my face on more than one occasion, and many people noted that I was strangely good at running this psychotic murderous business. Ravenous Devils didn’t simply feel like a cheap imitation because it has its own spins on it with the introduction of a Dr. Lecter type character who has you target specific customers to create a banquet for him.


My biggest critique of Ravenous Devils is that there are a few spelling errors throughout the game. Generally small things like “tomatoe”, however, spelling errors in a finished product are a shame to see. It is important to note, however, that Bad Vices Games are a very small and upcoming developer and with everything else being so great, the spelling is very much a minor complaint, but something that is worth noting for their future releases.


Aside from the spelling errors, I feel like I played a far more complete and polished game than what many bigger developers release and for that, Bad Vices Games should be commended. Alongside this, a big thing that I consider when recommending games to friends is value for money and coming in at under £4 on Steam, Ravenous Devils is absolutely worth that. I spent 6 hours in one sitting, giggling away at the crazy story and really getting quite immersed in the game; making sure I stocked up everything as best I could before opening the shops and trying to think tactically about my upgrades and what would benefit me the most. Even if cooking simulators aren’t your cup of tea, I thoroughly believe there is enjoyment and value for money for almost anyone playing Ravenous Devils. As I previously mentioned, they really aren’t my cup of tea, but this is very much an exception to that rule. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and is a well crafted game. I’d be very intrigued to see what the developers come up with next, as I can see real potential for more fleshed out and challenging games, even perhaps with some co-op aspects added in.

Lj’s Rating: 4 “steak” pies out of 5.


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