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Rush Rally Origins | Nintendo Switch Review

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Having recently played and reviewed the similar Art of Rally on the Nintendo Switch, which turned out to be kind of a let down visually, I was looking forward to getting back into the driving seat with Rush Rally Origins. Developed and published by Brownmonster Games, Rush Rally Origins is available on Apple, Android and Nintendo Switch, and is a complete shift up in the gears and foot to the floor in comparison to the previously mentioned game. For the purposes of this review, I was playing on the Nintendo Switch in handheld more.


The first thing you will notice about Rush Rally Origins is that just about everything to do with this game absolutely hits the mark. The visuals are great, the handling is perfection and the whole look, feel, and sound of this incredible little game, which retails for £4.99 on the Nintendo Switch, will just completely blow you away. Having initially been a mobile game, making the jump over to the Nintendo Switch, it seems to be the perfect platform to try this game out on whether in handheld mode or docked and playing on your large TV screen.


You are presented with 3 game modes: Time Trial, Championship, and Race. With Time Trial, you get to tread your tyres through the 6 stages of each of the tracks in the game, spanning Finland, Greece, Sweden, United Kingdom, Kenya, and New Zealand. Each of the stages and tracks are unlocked as you progress through them in order, and you are awarded gold, silver, or bronze medals depending on your times. These medals and your times determine your car upgrades in the garage for tuning up to help you get faster and better. There are a selection of cars to choose from, all upgradeable, and some of the high end ones are unlocked as you progress through the game with mileage on track. Championship mode spreads over 6 stages against some fast times, and you are up against it right from the start, again with the medals and your times, counting towards those upgrades in the garage. Race mode puts you up against other cars and drivers through the various stages of each of the tracks and each new track unlocks for you as you progress further into the game.


As mentioned previously, the visuals in Rush Rally Origins are part of what makes this such a great game. The sense of speed you feel as you drive, slide, and make your way round the twists and turns of each of the tracks, as well as the weather effects and the night time driving with your headlights on, all add to this thrilling experience. Dashing through the snow tracks is certainly a test for even the hardened rally drivers, and the trail of snow that sprays up in your wake was a nice touch. Rush Rally Origins really is a visual treat to play. There is no visual damage to the cars in the game, but there are plenty of obstacles, trees, jumps, and bridges, as well as a never ending supply of very sharp hairpin bends for you to negotiate. There is also a discrete little racing line included to keep you on track.


The settings and options are extensive and thorough. With separate Graphics options for handheld and TV mode on the Nintendo Switch, you have settings for resolution, FPS, anti-aliasing, post processing, interior, detail, shadowing, particles, weather, and trees. In the Sound options, you can adjust the music, SFX, and co-driver levels. In the Controls section you can choose from touch screen or controller, and you can adjust the dead zones as well as the actual button placements (for touch screen). There is an added Other options section, where you can adjust the race difficulty, camera type (helicopter chase or isometric), corner arrows, vibration, ghost car, FPS, demo mode, HUD scale, and safe area. Finally there is a Language option. As well as all of that, you have a Driver Profile screen, where you can select your name, nationality, car number and what you want your registration plate to display. You can check your overall stats in here as well as the in-game achievements. There is also a Credits page included to round off this very extensive collection of settings and options.


Rush Rally Origins would be a great game if it retailed higher. But the fact that you can pick it up for an RRP of just under £5 makes it an incredible game. There is so much included here for your money - plenty of circuits, stages, and tracks, spread over the 3 game modes, to keep you entertained. It is ideal for short pick up and play sessions due to its fast paced and arcade-like nature, as well as being good to spend a few hours with. As I have mentioned as well, it just looks, feels, and sounds like it should have a very higher price tag on it, so you are really getting an absolute bargain here with your purchase. For fans of driving, racing, or rally games, or just for anyone looking to try out a game that falls into those catagories, you just can't go wrong with Rush Rally Origins. It's a game that I would very highly recommend.

g1a5w3g1an's Rating: 5 flat-out left hand corners out of 5.


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Many thanks to Brownmonster Games for the Review Key.

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