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She Nova | A Superhero Riding On A Rainbow

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Nova is another independent musician I discovered though her Twitch live streams. It took a few months to actually catch one of her streams live due to the timezone but it was definitely worth the wait. Her energy on stream and her friendly community make it all the better, and she is certainly a Twitch streamer I would recommend you do check out, as are all the Twitch streamers I mention in my blogs here. As with my other posts, I will include music videos and live covers, along with some information and links to socials. And with a new album out very soon, there is no better time for you to check out Nova's music on Spotify and on YouTube.

I have included a selection of Nova's music videos, right back to She Weirdo. Her self made video for ADHDAF won the award for Best Pop Video at the 2019 Hollywood Women's Film Festival, and it is quite a personal track for Nova about the ups and downs of having ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Please do have a watch and if you like the music it is always helpful to the artists by supporting them by clicking that follow or subscribe button.

For a taste of some live videos, I have included 2 covers that Nova uploaded more recently during lockdown. The 3rd of the videos below was filmed at TwitchCon in 2019 when Nova was asked to play on the outdoor stage at the San Diego Convention Centre. The live songs here are what you can expect from one of Nova's Twitch live streams, which feature a mix of original songs as well as covers and some live learns. Nova also does live music production streams, which can be a really good insight into the process of putting a new track together.

As well as being an independent musician and singer songwriter producer, during lockdown Nova has been hosting a weekly podcast on Instagram and YouTube called BossPod. These podcasts, created and hosted by Nova, cover lots of topics all relating to music and content creation. They feature a host of guests from all fields discussing exactly what goes into the process of creating music. I have included the first one below, but if you would like to watch the entire series you can find them all here in one place on Nova's website or on her socials.

During the second half of 2019, Nova had put some extensive planning into her first ever World Tour, and had bookings covering the US and Europe with more planned for Canada and possibly further afield as well. Unfortunately shortly after setting out on the US leg, the world started shutting down with all the lockdown restrictions, so Nova's plans, which she worked so hard to put into place, were put on hold. I know when everything gets back to some sort of normal that she will be back, bigger, stronger, better than before, ready and with even more passion than before to take on the world and get out there with her music.


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