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Space Invaders Invincible Collection | Nintendo Switch Review

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

For me, just the mention of 'classic arcade games' brings up thoughts of Space Invaders, so I was looking forward to trying out Space Invaders Invincible Collection which is developed by the legendary Taito and published by ININ Games. Space Invaders was first released back in the late 1970s and it was the very first fixed shooter of its kind. This new compilation of those classic games was released on August 17th 2021 and is available on the Nintendo Switch.


There's not really a lot you can say about Space Invaders that most folk will not already know. It really is one of the all-time classic arcade games, and there will be some version or remake of it available on just about every platform and console that has ever been. This new Space Invaders collection features 10 games in total with access to a bonus 11th. Available to you on the starting screen you have Space Invaders - the original version from 1978, Space Invaders - the colour version of the original, Space Invaders - Part II, Lunar Rescue, Space Cyclone, Majestic Twelve, Super Space Invaders '91, Space Invaders DX, Space Invaders Extreme, and Space Invaders Gigamax 4 SE. On top of those 10 games, you also get the bonus Arkanoid Vs Space Invaders game as an extra download so 11 games included here for your money, and plenty of nostalgic gaming to play handheld on your Nintendo Switch.


Most of the games feature a normal and challenge mode, so if you are a beginner or a more experienced player, there is a mode for you here. Once you are in-game it's L to add credits and R to start the game. The controls are thumbstick or D-Pad for movement and A to fire. For the games with power-ups it's the B button for them. Pause menu options let you save or load a game, rotate the screen, adjust the game difficulty, game mode, and screen size. You can also change the default controls, and finally you can return to the main game menu. There are also leaderboards available to view where your high scores are in relation to others and the game features a very catchy background track that plays throughout the menus.


Overall, for your money, you get a compilation of 10 Space Invaders games here. It's a very nostalgic collection for those old enough to remember the originals, and a great bundle of games for those who are maybe new to the games. Space Invaders Invincible Collection is a great little game, it plays and looks fine on the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode, and is a perfect pick up and play title if you are time restricted or just fancy a quick arcade shooter fix. g1a5w3g1an's Rating: 3 spaceships out of 5.


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Many thanks to PR Hound for the Review Key.

Space Invaders Invincible Collection | Nintendo eShop


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