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Subdivision Infinity DX | PS5 Review

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Subdivision Infinity DX, developed by MistFly Games and published by Blowfish Studios is an intergalactic dogfight game where you’ll find yourself hurtling through space. Originally released as Subdivision Infinity, a mobile game on both Android and Apple, it has now been released on Windows PC, PlayStation, XBox, and Nintendo Switch. For the purpose of this review I was playing the PlayStation 5 version.


Whilst the story is very much secondary to the gameplay there is a very loose storyline where one of the research stations had gone dark for some mysterious reason and it is your job as Rebel 1 to get to the bottom of the problem. You will spend your time progressing through the five areas which are broken down into individual levels zooming your way through space; blasting enemy ships and asteroids to complete the missions at hand.


I found the controls to feel quite fluent and smooth along with the general gameplay. My biggest issue was within my first thirty minutes of gameplay when the game had crashed twice. Furthermore, I got a little bit of motion sickness although I feel like that is more a “me” problem than the game itself and comes as more of a warning to others who may experience motion sickness from these kinds of games. I don’t commonly get motion sickness from games, however it tends to be aerial dogfight style games that trigger it for me and I’m sure also many others have the same experience. Along with quite smooth controls the visuals were also fairly impressive and were nice and crisp which really brings the game up a few points in my opinion. Every area had its own unique feel visually and nothing really felt overly the same to me which I feel is certainly a challenge when you're hurtling through space.


Between levels you spend your time in the hangar where you can buy parts to upgrade your ship or buy a whole new ship. There are a fair amount of different space crafts you can unlock; various customisations and new weapons. As well as the space crafts that you can buy there are also some blueprints that you can only unlock through completing missions so there is a certain degree of grinding required if you want to unlock everything available.

Outside of doing the actual missions you’re also able to go back and do exploration missions into the areas where you can mine parts for blueprints. I found these missions unnecessarily fiddly and difficult to work with especially for the rewards on offer, however I don't class myself as an expert in the genre so that could be my lack of experience talking.


One of my biggest issues arose after I looked up some gameplay of the original mobile edition of the game. From what I have seen of the mobile gameplay, the console version appears to be an exact port of the mobile game. It just feels like the game has so much more to offer on console, by porting it exactly over, the developers appear to have taken the lazy way out instead of creating an independent experience for console gamers. There are just so many features that are available on the PlayStation 5 and other platforms and if the developers had even applied one or two of these aspects then this would have elevated the gameplay to a much higher level for me.


If you're a fan of other aerial dogfight games such as Star Wars: Squadrons, then Subdivision Infinity DX will provide some entertainment and anyone who enjoys a bit of a grind to gather and collect all the ships, then I’d certainly recommend Subdivision Infinity DX to you.

Lj's Rating: 2.5 flying asteroids out of 5.


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Many thanks to Blowfish Studios for the Review Key.

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