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Superliminal | Nintendo Switch Review

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Superliminal is a first-person perspective puzzle game and it will totally mess with your head in every way that it can. Developed and published by Pillow Castle, available on Windows PC, PlayStation, XBox and Nintendo Switch, it was first released in November 2019. If you are looking for game that will test your limits of perception, or a game that is filled with every kind of optical illusion that you can think of, then Superliminal may just be the game for you. For the purposes of this review, I was playing the game handheld on the Nintendo Switch.


I have always been a fan of puzzle games, and discovering Superliminal, which I knew was a game that featured a heavy focus on perception and illusion, sounded like a really good idea at the time. The story of the game is that you are the main character and participant in a sort of experimental dream therapy, finding yourself stuck in an apparent dream cycle, with your only guide while trying to find a way out and back to reality being a doctor called Glenn Pierce. Throughout the game you find radios on which you can listen to Dr. Pierce's voice as he guides you, in the hope of escaping the dream state. Of course, during this dream state, there are puzzles, illusions and everything that you can think of to alter normal perception.


You are going to get frustrated playing Superliminal, but at its core, it is a puzzler, and what puzzle game does not at some point have the steam bellowing out of your ears while you try to get the better of it. Some of the puzzles and illusions in the game are easy to solve, and as you move or look at something in a certain way, the perspective will change, and you build up a better understanding of the game the more you progress through the different levels.


The controls are easy and straighforward with thumbsticks for movement and direction, and buttons to interact and pickup. You can also rotate objects by holding the left trigger button and right thumbstick. You can save your progress, although there is an auto-save function as well, and there are 9 huge levels in the game to keep you occupied. The graphics on the Switch were great and I would say this could be another game suited to the handheld platform, so you can pick up and play on the go when out and about. It certainly does not suffer from being played on the smaller screen, and I did enjoy playing this on the Switch.


Superliminal is a fantastic puzzler that will push the boundaries of your perception through a series of levels packed with objects and illusions. You can pick it up and play as little or as much as you want, with 9 huge levels to occupy your time. You will get frustrated at times, more often than not, I would imagine, but that is all part of the experience. If like me, you enjoy a really good head scratching puzzle game, then you really just cannot go wrong with this one. Put the kettle on, grab some snacks, and just get yourself totally immersed in it. g1a5w3g1an's Rating: 4 (head-scratching screams) out of 5.


For more information on Superliminal please use the following links... Pillow Castle - Developer | Publisher | Facebook | Twitter | Website

Many thanks to Christopher Floyd and Pillow Castle for supplying the review code.

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