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The Alien Cube | PC Review

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

The Alien Cube is a first-person horror adventure game, developed and published by Alessandro Guzzo and it is available on Windows PC. You play the role of Arthur who has a dream of a UFO crashing to earth which leads you to try and uncover the truth about your uncle who has seemingly gone missing.


Gameplay wise, The Alien Cube is basically just a walkthrough, point and click style horror game where you search for items and documents which help you figure out how to progress. The game doesn’t hold your hand or give you any clues as to where to go next and the hit box to interact with some of the items is very small which can make them extremely hard to spot. This proved to be quite annoying at times as I found myself searching the same areas over and over before finally stumbling upon an item that I had missed due to the small hit boxes.


The visuals absolutely blew me away. The details in the environments, the lighting and shadows were incredible and are an absolute joy to feast your eyes on. Tie this together with wonderful level designs and incredible music, everything really helps to set a very creepy and disconcerting atmosphere right from the beginning. I was also caught out by a couple of nice jump scares which had me reaching for a change of underwear on more than one occasion. There are not too many of these but they had a strong impact when they did arrive. I feel that there could have been more cut scenes or dialogue involving the protagonist which might have helped me connect more with the story and main character.


I played this with a controller plugged into my PC which incurred an annoyance where the game only gave key prompts on screen for keyboard controls, there were no prompts which told me what button to press on the controller to carry out an action. The movement and control of Arthur felt a little bit cumbersome and unnatural at times but honestly, this didn’t bother me too much and definitely didn’t impact my enjoyment of the game.


I enjoyed The Alien Cube with its spooky atmosphere and truly wonderful visuals. Despite its few quirks and without really being able to connect deeply with the story and main character, I feel that this is a welcome addition to the horror adventure genre and would be a strong choice for any fan of this category.

PaultheBrave09’s Rating: 3.5 shiny green cubes out of 5.


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Many thanks to Jaleo PR for the Review Key.

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