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The Lightbringer | Nintendo Switch Review

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

The Lightbringer, developed by Rock Square Thunder and published by Zoridix Publishing, is an indie platform-puzzle game. It is currently available on Windows PC and Nintendo Switch, and for the purpose of my review I was playing the Nintendo Switch version in handheld mode.


The world is under siege by a dark power that has caused corruption across the land by targeting the ancient monoliths that provide power and light to the lands. You play the role of the chosen one who has the ability to take pure energy and light from the air around you and that light will help you cleanse these monoliths of corruption and restore light and power to the lands.


Firstly, The Lightbringer really is a stunning game. Initially it felt reminiscent of the old Zelda games with the bright pastel colour palette - it really is just so charming! As you progress through the islands you’ll have puzzles to solve that generally revolve around pushing blocks; turning cogs and activating pressure points to progress through the levels. Each area that you travel through in The Lightbringer feels unique and fresh and brings a fresh challenge along with it. Whilst not overly difficult, this didn’t diminish my enjoyment, instead it allowed me to simply enjoy some chilled out puzzling in a really adorable environment. In fact, I’d argue that its ease is a strong selling point as it will encourage a wider audience to appreciate its adorable, vibrant world. Yes, the difficulty did indeed increase as I progressed however it never really became unmanageable or frustrating.


I think the key area where I feel like The Lightbringer falters is in the combat. The combat is absolutely not the main attraction however this is where I got the most frustrated. Equipped with just a boomerang throughout the entire game, the combat becomes increasingly difficult as flying enemies get involved. I feel like the combat could have been eliminated completely from the game and I wouldn’t have missed or wanted for it but instead it was mildly frustrating and unnecessarily put in. If there was a little more diversity and better controls for the combat then I feel like these issues could very easily cease to exist.


Along with the chilled out puzzles and beautiful environment, I really appreciated the story exposition and the pacing of it. The story and lore is given to you whenever you find bells scattered throughout the land so I really enjoyed seeking out the story portions for myself rather than being forced into the lore at the game's pace. Within the story, there are some wonderful characters, particularly your sister who narrates your adventure and she speaks in full rhyming sentences which always drew me in because I wanted to hear the next cute little quip that she came out with.


The Lightbringer is charming, light-hearted and a perfectly suited game to the Nintendo Switch. I would recommend it to anyone of almost any skill level or interest. If you're not one for slower paced games, then perhaps this will not be for you, but if you're looking for something to just chill with on a rainy winter evening, The Lightbringer will bring you some bright sunlight.

Lj’s Rating: 4 rogue boomerangs out of 5.


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Many thanks to Mountain Giant PR for the Review Key.

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