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Trepang2 | Windows PC Review

Trepang2, developed by Trepang Studios and published by Team17, is a gory, high octane first-person shooter, which is currently available exclusively on Windows PC, however, later this year there is a planned console release for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.


In Trepang2 you play as a soldier known only as “Subject 106”, who is a prisoner turned experimental super soldier, being held by an organisation known as Horizon Corporation. This organisation possess a powerful military and they appear to be performing bizarre experiments behind locked doors. A mysterious group decides to provide you assistance to escape this grim reality, and this will pose a serious challenge to you as your memory has been wiped. However, on the flipside, your combat abilities have been greatly enhanced beyond normal limitations due to the experiments, so you must now fight back and seek the truth.


When it comes to first-person shooters, one of the most important things to me is the gunplay. I’m not an expert in guns, but I’ve been an avid game player for almost my entire life and I feel like I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly of the genre. From my experience, Trepang2 is less of the bad and ugly, and more of the good. In my time playing Trepang2 I found that almost any gun was viable which means that whatever your playstyle, you’ll feel right at home, and you’ll have the freedom to experiment with different ways to approach each scenario that you are in. I really enjoyed using the shotguns in Trepang2, but I had equal amounts of fun running around with twin, or akimbo assault rifles, however, I think the most enjoyable development for me was akimbo shotguns with incendiary rounds.


With the multitude of weapons available, you also have some basic abilities to play around with. One of these is a “cloak” ability which allows you to move around for a few seconds undetected, which can be really handy for repositioning away from enemies in scary situations. You can also use this ability to take a more stealthy approach. The other ability that you have is “focus” which slows down time. This allows you a few precious extra seconds to dodge away from bullets, or help you aim a little bit better allowing you to hit that coveted headshot. Using the cloak ability you can so easily disassemble a squad of soldiers if used correctly. Generally I’d take on a fight, pick off one or two from a distance, then I’d use my cloak ability to get behind them and pick some off close quarters. No matter your playstyle, these abilities will come in handy at some point for you. Alongside this, there are numerous difficulty options that cater to just about anyone's skill level. I personally chose to play on hard mode as I’ve discovered a side of me that likes to suffer and be challenged in everything I do. Even on hard mode it was still manageable and didn’t pose much in terms of frustration for me. I’d like to go back and try it on the hardest difficulty just to test my skills.


Visually, Trepang2 was generally a dark, and drab experience. This isn’t a criticism. The darkness and eerie corridors create an atmosphere that felt right, and suited the mission at hand, and just increased the tension in every mission. I never truly knew how many more enemies were lurking around in the shadows. Alongside this, the darkness really aids the scripted horror portions that are present which really provide a great change of pace.


I was a big fan of Trepang2, the mechanics were all handled really well, the difficulty is fair and the game runs like a dream. There wasn’t a whole lot to dislike. It’s really nice to see quality first-person shooters being released, as I feel it's an incredibly popular genre that's fairly over saturated. It's also a genre where a select few large studios have the monopoly, and I feel that needs to change, so hopefully more competition rises up. Trepang2 plays and feels like a AAA title at most junctures, however, it was good to see, being from a small developer. And remember to keep an eye out for that console release later in the year. Lj’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


For more information on Trepang2 please use the following links...

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Team17 - Publisher | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Discord | Website

Many thanks to Team17 and PressEngine for the Review Key.

Trepang2 | Windows PC

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