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Twitch | Live Streaming

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Even though I am a gaming streamer myself, I want to focus more on the music streamer side of Twitch with this post. I will talk about gaming and the other areas of Twitch, but the music streamers were the main reason I joined the site in the first place.

I was first introduced to Twitch through singer songwriter Natalie Holmes, who I followed on Twitter, when she posted about her live streams one night and I decided to check one out. I had always associated Twitch with gaming streamers thinking it was linked to XBox so I was surprised to find a whole other community filled with such great musicians there.

Twitch is a live streaming platform, much like YouNow and some others, where streamers can broadcast live whenever they like and in full glorious high definition depending on the individual setups they have. The streamers can interact with their live viewers via a chat interface and viewers can tip real money or virtual bits as well as being able to subscribe per month to their favourite streamers, which comes with some perks inlcuding an ad free experience and some cool little chat emotes relating to the streamer.

There is also a feature on Twitch where, at the end of a stream, the streamer can 'raid' another streamer, thereby taking their own viewers over to the other streamer's live broadcast, and this is how I initially found some more great musicians in the first few weeks that I was on the website. The music community on Twitch is such a wonderful friendly and welcoming place, full of some really amazing and talented musicians. There is pretty much something for everyone on there, covering all the music genres and tastes and there is certainly no shortage of streamers live at any time of the day, whatever timezone you are in.

Over the past year I have discovered some really talanted musicians on Twitch and each and every one of them I would absolutely recommend to you. They all put so much into their live streams, bringing you original songs, covers and live learns. I will link my own Spotify Playlist below which features some of the music streamers that I follow, each with an original song. There will also be a link to each of the streamers featured individually as well which will take you direct to their Twitch profile pages.

As I said at the start, I now actually stream myself on Twitch but for me it is just gaming, and on my Nintendo Switch. The gaming community on there is probably the biggest and most popular on the site, and you will find streamers playing practically any game you can think of. As well as the music and the gaming you can also find Art and Cooking streamers, as well as IRL (In Real Life) streamers, and sometimes riding the waves of streams through a day going from one raid to another can help you discover some really amazing streamers.

So if you are thinking about giving Twitch a try, I would suggest just signing up (it's free) and checking out a few live streams, whether from the suggestions in my Playlist or any of the other streamers on the platform and just seeing where it takes you. If you are thinking about actually streaming yourself, there are some really good guides both on the Twitch website itself and on the Internet, and also the streamers themselves are always happy to offer any advice they can give and to answer any questions that you may have regarding their stream setups, so there is no reason at all to not jump right in there.

I also wanted to mention that during the past year while I have been on Twitch, I have met some fantastic people, many just online but a handful in real life, and all have become such good friends, many of which I speak to on a daily basis and this just highlights the fact that the Twitch community in general and as a whole is such a friendly welcoming community.

Here is my Twitch Music Streamer Spotify Playlist

Clicking on each streamer below will take you directly to their Twitch profile pages...

Alanna Matty

Charlie A'Court (CharliePlaysGuitars)

Chris Miller

Danielle Allard

Emma McGann

Emma O'Reilly

Grainne Fahy


Lia Menaker

Liv Harris



Matty Twigg (CallsignScarecrow)


Melissa Lamm

Natalie Holmes


Paul Grant (paulthebrave09)


Sarah Kuri (goodgamekuri)

Saya Noe


She Nova

The Tangerine Club

Zoe Wren

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