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Two Hundred Ways | Nintendo Switch Review

Two Hundred Ways is a puzzle game developed and published by Sunlight Games. It is the sequel to One Hundred Ways and continues the brain twisting puzzles. It is currently available on Windows PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, and for the purpose of my review I was playing the Nintendo Switch version in handheld mode.


Given its name, it will be no surprise to you that there are 200 levels in the game. Your aim in each of these levels is to guide one (or more) balls to the exit. To do so you’ll need to effectively build the course for the ball to roll across to find the exit. This sounds simple enough; however, you’ll encounter traps along the way seeking to halt your progress but luckily enough you’ll have plenty of tools at your disposal to place on the track to help your little friend past the obstacles. Over the course of the 200 levels, you’ll encounter over forty different tools to make life easier and eventually you’ll have to begin to juggle getting more than one ball to the end goal.


Two Hundred Ways is very much a game where you’ll have to do a lot of trial and error and is not just encouraged but is required. The first couple of levels you might breeze through without needing to experiment too much but don’t be lulled into a false sense of security like me because the difficulty does ramp up and the confusion eventually sets in. As you progress through the game and unlock new tools, you're given a tutorial on how to use each of them as their introduced.


The puzzles were fun and interesting but unfortunately it quickly started to feel a little bit frustrating for me as I found the controls to feel clunky and it became quite infuriating for me despite the tutorials. It just didn’t feel like it was optimised for console play and particularly not optimised for the Nintendo Switch; perhaps on PC the controls would feel much less convoluted than using the JoyCons. Along with this the UI really didn’t feel geared towards the smaller screen either and it just didn’t feel terribly intuitive which really brings Two Hundred Ways down a little for my estimations. Unfortunately, alongside this, the visuals looked like something I’d have played on internet explorer as a kid so there isn’t much to write home about here for me. Everything felt very generic, and this game is nothing more than a time filler when you have five minutes spare on a coffee break rather than something that really pushes you to WANT to play more.


Overall, for short stints of play perhaps, Two Hundred Ways has some value but beyond that I didn’t find myself engaged enough to push on through the levels. Alongside the clunky controls and lack of imagination it didn’t inspire me much or grip me the way other puzzle games have in the past.

Lj’s Rating: 2 out of 5.


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Many thanks to Sunlight Games for the Review Key.

Two Hundred Ways | Windows PC | PlayStation | Xbox | Nintendo


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