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Twogether: Project Indigos | PS4 Review

Twogether: Project Indigos is a third-person platform-puzzle game which is developed by Flaming Llama Games and published by Gammera Nest . It is currently a PlayStation exclusive and for this review I was playing on the PlayStation 4.


Take on the role of Rafi and Sam as they try to escape from a high-tech facility known as Hexacell. Rafi and Sam are what is known as Indigo Children and they are being investigated for their supernatural powers. Rafi’s power is telekinesis meaning you can move objects using your mind. Sam can throw a little rubix cube type box and teleport to wherever it lands. Every room poses a different challenge where you have to find new and inventive ways to use your powers to solve the challenge ahead of you.


Whilst the vast majority of the puzzles weren’t terribly difficult to solve, this didn’t really detract from my enjoyment of the game. The ease with which I solved a lot of the puzzles was because the majority of the puzzles were actually incredibly logical and even on the more difficult puzzles it just required a little bit more observation and experimenting. I often have concerns when characters have powers like telekinesis because the mechanics can often feel clunky and become frustrating, however Twogether: Project Indigos nailed it and it felt really smooth and worked well. Throughout the puzzles you’ll need to swap between Rafi and Sam to work through puzzles and they seem to compliment each other really well and get the job done well.


Graphically, the game holds up well and has a bright and vibrant, yet clean and futuristic feel to it which I really enjoyed and at some points the visuals gave me some real Portal flashbacks. The various rooms did eventually start to feel a bit repetitive visually but these sorts of facilities are usually pretty generic and plain anyway.


Overall, if you're a fan of puzzle games, Twogether: Project Indigos would be a great addition and a fun way to spend a few hours. The puzzles are relatively simple but there were plenty of times where I was left scratching my head before the eventual eureka moments happened. I think my main criticism of the game is that it was very short, meaning there wasn’t much scope for story development. However I am still curious to see where the journey could go with Rafi and Sam as with this game only being called “chapter 1” there is visibly more to come!

Lj’s Rating: 3.5 test tubes out of 5.


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Many thanks to Jaleo PR for the Review Key.

Twogether: Project Indigos | PlayStation


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